Actor Chanel Bosh explains her Style + Substance

In our Style + Substance section, we ask Vanichi readers to share their personal stories of individuality and self discovery through their style. For us, style doesn’t just mean the clothes you wear, it’s how you live your life, what compels you and how you approach the world. This installment is from Chanel Bosh, an American actress born in Germany, raised around the world and currently residing in Los Angeles, California.

Growing up around the world has given Chanel a unique understanding of different cultures and the ability to empathize with the different characters she portrays. It has also helped her create her own aesthetic where she merges minimal details with fresh fashion discoveries. Get to know Chanel better below.

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Who am I? 
I am Chanel Bosh; actor, lover, observer. I grew up in a military family and had the privilege to travel the world at a young age. I think that my childhood played a huge part in who I am today. Traveling and getting to know so many different people from different religious and ethnic backgrounds helped me to understand that even with all of our perceived differences, people are the same at their core. We all love, cry, and have hopes. We all want to be happy and enjoy life. The difference between people is culture. Therefore, I believe culture and the appreciation for it, is more important than race, religion, country of origin, etc. Culture is how we express ourselves. Culture is what we offer to the world. It is what we leave behind. I think this is why diversity and representation are so important to me.
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I am on a constant journey of personal growth. Each day I strive to be better than the day before. I am constantly reflecting on myself and observing the world around me. I believe we can learn so much from taking the time to listen, observe, and be honest with ourselves and with others.
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What’s my style?: 
Funky, eclectic, classic, preppy…whatever makes me feel good. We as humans are so multifaceted and have so many moods. Why limit how we express ourselves? I appreciate details; whether intricate or simple. When thought has been put into a garment, you can tell. From the fabric choice to the cut, when a designer is purposeful it comes through. I like clothes that evoke an emotion when I put them on. Clothes that mold to my mood. Whether I want to be fancy or laid back, it’s all about the vibe.
PHOTOGRAPHY by Marquis Smith
MAKEUP by Nikki Lewis
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