4 creative professionals favorite travel destinations.

Creative output can be exhausting. Like everyone else, creatives have to recharge the batteries. Travel isn’t just a means of vacating one’s daily life routine. It can also be a way to find inspiration and gain a different perspective. We asked some creative minds where they like to go when they need to get away. Scroll below for 4 creative professionals favorite travel destinations.

creative professionals favorite travel destinations


The more remote the better – most recently we spent 7 days on Morton Island off the coast of Queensland, Australia. Its bare basic living; no power, cold showers, and your movements around the island are governed by the tides. We spent the week waking at sunrise, and planning our days around the tidal movements. Luxurious resorts are amazing, but nothing recharges like unplugging from the world and working with the natural ebb and flow of such a beautiful island.


Melissa Webster, Creative Director


Instagram: @thegathercollective



I would say Armenia is my favourite destination and not just because it’s my motherland! Armenia is an incredible country full of rich history and modern elements, such as delicious restaurants, nightlife and shopping! It is a country that can fulfil all your travel desires, from trying weird and wonderful food to fulfilling your shopping addiction (interior shopping would be a high point here!) or your thirst for history, visiting some of the oldest spots in history (one of the oldest churches was made around 300AD!).


Aleen Apanian, Founder and Curator of The Dark Horse


Instagram: @thedarkhorsejewellery

Facebook: @TheDarkHorseJewellery

nepal vanichi travel

“My hike through Nepal was undoubtedly one of the best experiences of my life,” states creative and brand consultant Sandy Archer.

creative professionals favorite travel destinations nepal


My hike through Nepal was undoubtedly one of the best experiences of my life and my top choice for a travel break. For a creative mind, it’s important to remove oneself from external stimulation and be immersed in nature, being amongst the highest mountain range in the world, is nothing short of exhilarating. Giving myself the gift of space to just walk, just me and the mountains (and a few close friends and family) allowed my busy, creative mind to let go of stagnant thoughts and regenerate fresh ideas. The Nepalese people reminded me of the importance of appreciating the simple things in life. Nepalese mountain people live simple lives and get by with a bare minimum in the way of creature comforts – but still have a smile and a Namaste to welcome you as you walk by.


Sandy Archer, Creative & Brand Consultant


Instagram: @sandyjarcher

Twitter: @sandyarcher



Going to Tasmania makes me think of a time where everyone grew their own beautiful food, neighbours pitched in and helped each other and there was a real sense of community. It makes you slow down, take time and look around and, damn, if there isn’t the most amazing scenery to look at and immerse yourself in!

To travel to Tassie is definitely my favourite destination for short and regular getaways to maintain that work/ life balance and refresh!


Jen Selmore, Designer/ Illustrator for Lush Cherry


Instagram: @jettcherry

Twitter: @lushcherry


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