Designer Miranda Konstantinidou defines legacy through fashion with pieces that make the world sparkle

Vanichi’s EIC. Joy Donnell, gets to the heart of how designer Miranda Konstantindou defines legacy through fashion with pieces that make the world sparkle. The designer was recently featured in Vanichi’s live fashion installation during 4 The Love Sessions presented by OPG at the Gibson Showroom. The installation and live editorial was styled by Ali Levine who also introduced Miranda to our editors.

Miranda Konstantinidou became internationally known through her “KONPLOTT” jewelry brand. Born in Greece, she studied fashion illustration and fashion design in Italy and Germany. When the designer launched her Resort & Cruise Collection in 2012, the world witnessed her interweaving of fashion, jewellery and accessories that are crafted using ancient techniques and cutting-edge innovations. Today she has more than 1,300 employees worldwide, 99% of which are women. With headquarters in Cebu, Philippines and Luxembourg, Miranda Konstantinidou maintains a strong company culture and team. She also fabricates in-house, so she is well informed about her supply chains.

I witnessed how Ali Levine incorporated Miranda’s vibrant, feminine and powerful pieces into the #4TLSESSIONS photo shoot to take the Rocker Chic theme to new levels.  I asked Miranda to share some her thoughts on style, luxury and why she does what she does. I found her wavelength to be poetic. It becomes immediately clear that Miranda has a love affair with style and individuality. If you share that same insatiable desire and you like what she creates, then her collections may serve as eternal fuel for this fire.

At times, it seems our world is becoming more mass produced than ever before. Why have you decided to produce in limited editions?

In today’s world, buying certain goods has become a way to demonstrate your beliefs, your status, your connection to a certain community or group. Brands are the safety net that ensure your taste cannot be questioned since you are wearing an internationally approved brand name. That way by choosing a certain brand, identifying with their hyper-segmented target group… you already pre-chose a standardized definition of yourself.
Yes, these codes are important. Not everyone has flawless taste, just like not just anyone can cure diseases or build a solid wall. So the same way, that we need doctors and bricklayers, we need professionals to make the choice easier when it comes to style.

Miranda Konstantinidou quote vanichi
But what if we do have taste? If we do want to put our personal twist to generic styles? If we want to up-dress in less than 30 minutes and just want to add something that makes all the difference? What if we want to mix our own looks, be different, go our own route and stop pleasing everybody but instead be adored by others?
Then you have to take a risk. You have to actively search for these things. You have to make an effort.
I want to be a part of these kind of moments, accompany these kinds of people.
See, I just don’t want to spend the little time we have on this earth doing random things. I don’t want my skills to be replaceable.
One day, when I leave this world, I want to be proud of my legacy. I want to leave things behind that make people really happy. I want to leave a company that is unique in its skill so that all my girls can continue working there and lead good lives.

You use various techniques to create your limited edition pieces. What are some of the ancient techniques that you have combined with new, cutting-edge processes? 

I love to experiment with old techniques  and combine them with new material, sometimes even put them to use in a new and innovative way. I do a lot of metal bending, for example inspired by the bird cages of the past; topped off with a metal rose and combined with a mother of pearls or resins.
We also do a lot of beading with tiny and colorful beads. It’s ethno-style but on technical metal pieces and we maybe add in a porcelain flower… Or maybe next time… who knows?
Everything that feels like a fresh breeze and makes my heartbeat rise makes me happy. I like this kind of harmonic disharmony, that – yes – is beautiful, but also leaves you doubting if everyone will understand your vision.
But then you fall in love and you want it.
And just like true love, if it breaks after ten years, you don’t give up on it. You send it to me and we will fix it for you because you want to have it in your life forever.
And we will repair it, because your commitment means the world to us. And we really mean that.

konplott ammanii vanichi 4 the love sessions gibson

From 4 The Love Sessions LIVE fashion editorial with Vanichi that was styled by Ali Levine. Photo: JUHN KWON. Makeup: KAREN BATES-ASHLEY. Hair: MITCHELL CANTRELL. Model: MAURA MCNAMARA of Q Models. Creative Director: JORDAN SWAIN. Dress: MIRANDA KONSTANTINIDOU. Earring: AMMANII. Location: GIBSON SHOWROOM BEVERLY HILLS.

How do your clothes and jewelry embrace individuality?

I offer a great many choices, but in the end every piece can only be made the way it is being done. There is no compromising to make it more commercial or affordable.
Sometimes a piece is lucky and has it all, like the magic fireball that has been making women happy for 28 years.
But most of my pieces are great for some girls and not for others… so you have to go check for yourself and find your piece in peace.

What do you hope a woman feels when she wears one of your pieces?

I coincidentally sat down recently and tried to define my way of work and how I hope women will feel about wearing my items. I feel this best explains my emotions:
I, myself am seduced by colors in my jewelry, in my prints. I love looks that are effortless, but noticeable.
Not classic, but timeless. Easy to dress up or down. For resort, party, clubs, teatime, shopping, lounging.
The flirty moments with yourself and the world.

How do you define luxury?

Luxury, to me, is the freedom to use your time as you would like to use it, with the right people and the right occupation.

What inspired one of your latest collection?

One of our recent collections is Alien Caviar.
I always have to make up a story to go with every collection. Sometimes it’s about a woman that inspired me and sometimes it’s a piece of fantasy. So the story for Alien Caviar became:
Party in the neighboring galaxy. Alien Caviar is offered; a rare delicacy that can only be consumed one at a time. Depending on shape and coloring, one will be transferred to a different place or time zone – but only as long as the taste lingers.
Never longer than 20 seconds…


A necklace from Miranda’s Alien Caviar collection available for $449.95 US via KONPLOTT

You seem to embrace femininity in all of its various aspects. Is this an accurate observation and if so, why do you embrace it so passionately?

I have many friends that are extremely different from one another.
Extraordinarily intellectual to rather uneducated.
Totally messy to pedantically organized.
Extremely wealthy to less fortunate.
Super conservative to absolutely crazy.
The list goes on and on.

What they all have in common are their values and traits. They’re all good people, intelligent, strong, empowering, loving and bold! Every single one of them are so lovable, so fearless and such amazing friends.

It’s the same with my employees. Everyone has their flaws, everyone is eccentric in their own way, but they’re always happy to help each other no matter what. It sounds too good to be true but if you were to join one of our company Christmas parties here in the Philippines, you would know what I’m talking about.

I am blessed with fantastic women in my life, and I feel that I owe them all the beauty that I can give.



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