For Vanichi’s OPINIONS section, we are sharing MyPeoples Episode 4 that covers Disagreeing Without Being Disagreeable.

MyPeoples, co-created by activist Sean Carasso and actress/activist Rosario Dawson, covered the topic of disagreement for its Episode 4. Host Erica Williams Simon couched the conversation in the fact that many people, including her, have Facebook feeds loaded with dissenting opinion and conflict. She stated, “We’ve been taught that polite conversation is admirable and yet we know that polite conversation does not win us our freedom and it doesn’t change the world. So what is the balance?” Guests included:

Jerrod Carmichael, Comedian
Nomiki Konst, Journalist
Shailene Woodley, Actress
Quddus Phillippe, TV Host and Advocate
Anasa Troutman, Writer and Entrepreneur
Natalie Patterson, Poet & Teaching Artist
With a musical performance by Jovi Rockwell

disagreeing without being disagreeable mypeoples2

Photos by Teddy Sczudlo.

mypeoples disagreeing without being disagreeablemypeoples disagreeing

Simon asked actress and activist Shailene Woodley how she handles the pressure to be a brand and maintain a huge public persona. Woodley clarified, “I have never perceived myself to be a brand. I’m a human being. I’m a creature and I’m an artist. That’s it.” She continued, “I don’t want my art to be based on the opinions of other people… I’ve never seen a risk in saying who I am and presenting who I am.” She went on to say that she strives to share her truth and walk the talk of sharing her truth so that people will return authenticity to her.

Quddus Phillippe shared that he believes the first path to disagreeing without being disagreeable is, “… not making people wrong just because we have a sensibility that’s different.”

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