Wanna Play? Tap Into Dressing Your Inner Child.

Maybe the fashion you remember from high school has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean those youthful years were your only time to shine. Those weren’t your only opportunity to show off your new bell bottom jeans, flower tops, big hair — no matter what fashion generation you claimed fame to, you can never “peak” in style.  Even if your interests lie more in non-fashion trends like art or interior design, you shouldn’t feel forced to live inside a box.


No matter how old you are now, if there are certain trends, styles of clothing, or color pallets you find yourself attracted to, don’t be afraid to embrace them like any other modern youth. Whether you’re 30, 50, 80, your body can still flaunt new styles like it’s 1999.


It doesn’t have to be a single type of clothing either, your modern interests could lie in anything from accessories like sunglasses, dresses, skirts, rainbow sandals, blazers, or the more secretive things like lingerie — even if there’s no one to show them to, there’s something so confidence-boosting about wearing cute underwear, even if just for yourself.


There’s no law stating parents, career professionals, college graduates, grandparents, anyone has to stick to what they know, or what’s “appropriate,” when it comes to dressing sharp. Maybe you see the newest styles on the runway and dream about flaunting them yourself, but are afraid it’ll make you come across as trying to hard, or desperate for youth, or maybe even immature — but just like the confidence high school trends gave you, new modern fashion can do the same.


Take one of the best examples of exactly this: Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle, also known as @BaddieWinkle on Instagram. Helen became famous at the age of eighty-five for her eclectic and fashion-forward Instagram page, where she takes no shame in dressing like today’s youth.



Not only does she flaunt her style, she’s proud of it, and doesn’t care what others around her might be thinking. Now, perhaps you don’t have the same guts Helen does — not yet, at least —  but that doesn’t mean you can’t begin your journey to growing up to be just like her.


Whether it’s something as simple as taking advantage of the new trend of fun adult-sized pool floats that range anywhere from slices of pizza, doughnuts, and mermaid seashells …





You might even consider jumping on the bandwagon of exciting, colored hairstyles that are not only becoming incredibly mainstream and normalized in modern culture, but even slowly accepted in some professional environments as acceptable attire. In the same strain of coloring your hair: getting tattoos, haircuts, manicures, wearing makeup however you’d like — just because you’re a “grown up,” doesn’t mean you have to act or dress like an “adult.”


Where should you start? Obviously, Instagram is a great place. Not only is there an excess of young millennials constantly showing their newest digs, but even big name-brand luxury fashion designers have accounts and post regularly. Even if you can’t afford the things they’re advertising, the images alone offer great examples of how to mix and match styles and colors, not to mention will keep you most up to date with what’s in and what’s on its way out.


To avoid feeling overwhelmed, take new changes one step at a time. Rather than overhauling your entire wardrobe and look in one weekend, try a few different styles out and decide which is best for you. The next weekend, learn a new makeup technique. The following, cut your hair the way you see and enjoy online or in magazines. Fashion and style is equal parts what’s popular and what wearers themselves enjoy, so don’t feel pressured to take part in any trends you might not be such a big fan of.

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Embracing your age doesn’t mean having to give up things you used to love, and that includes feeling stylish and confident in what you wear and the way you look. There’s nothing shameful in wanting to get dolled up for no reason, and “beauty comes from the inside” doesn’t mean you can’t be beautiful on the outside, either. This mindset applies not only to what you wear, but in the classics you listen to, the use of new slang without feeling embarrassed, taking trips somewhere new, and overall just living life with no regrets.


If you feel as if you’ve been missing out on life, or maybe because of your age you can’t get out there and do new things, think again. People everywhere are taking on entire new roles as adults and reliving their youth, even if that’s just in the things they choose to wear. Even if those things aren’t considered “fashion forward” or “age appropriate,” the way you dress falls under the same rules as the way you do your hair, or your makeup — it doesn’t matter, so long as you love it.


If you like this exploration into dressing your inner child, you might like an organization that brings fashion to kids. The charity Delivering Good gathers new product donations from fashion, home goods and children’s industries and delivers them to kids and families in need.