Ever wonder what kind of coffee fuels a firefighter?

Almost every kid has fantasized about being a firefighter. Those brave men and women who run into danger while the rest of us flee hold a special place in our hearts. As this is being written in our Los Angeles office, firefighters are working relentlessly to contain the Thomas Fire, one of the largest fires in California history. We can only imagine the energy levels required to do this type of work, but a company in Rockford, Illinois is offering everyone a jolt of firefighter-inspired java.


Fire Dept Coffee was founded by firefighters with military and fire service. Available in one-pound bags in whole bean or ground, flavors are infused with either bourbon, tequila or rum yet is focused on being a smooth sip each time. We like the Bourbon-Infused Coffee priced at $19.99 US. It’s strong but not aggressive and energizing without the jitters.