Our Editor-in-Chief is making a JOY List of holiday picks and checking it twice.

While some of us embrace shining every day, the holidays give everyone an excuse to sparkle. I’m revealing some of my favorite things for the holiday season and 2018. From special order fashion to limited edition pencils to natural ingredients, here are some things that connect to my creative spirit.

joy list holiday picks(2)


1. Octavia | Plume to Champagne 24K


315 US

The shape, amber gradient lens and 24k plating makes me an even bigger fan of this fresh made-in-New-Orleans brand.

2. Velvet Embroidered Tee


110 US

Rich jewel-toned yellow velvet features cut-out details and butterfly embroidery. Can be dressed up with a sequin skirt of dressed down with sleek denim. Made in Ghana.

3. Habachi Coat


675 US

A Wool Felt kimono that is fully lined and rocks auspicious dragons on the sleeves.

4. Fula Ear Cuff



The Fulani-inspired Fula ear cuff infuses an ancient design of the Fulani peoples of Mali with innovative wearability.

5. Crystal-Embellished Satin Pump


1,390 US

Because life’s too short to not walk around in embellished shoes.

6. Jamaica


125 US

This Lignum Vitae flower-inspired eau de parfum evokes the rapture and romance of Pablo Neruda poem. It’s a surprising note during wintry weather.

joy list holiday picks(1)

7. Melonaid Protein Powder


45 US

If you desire some protein to help remain power-filled throughout your social calendar but don’t want whey or soy, your protein powder options can be rather limited. This organic, raw and sprouted formula is the first plant-based protein powder made with whole watermelon seeds. It’s tasty in a smoothie or yogurt or water. Plus it promotes collagen production and improves muscle tone.

8. The Peacock



This yacht braided cotton waxed cord fan necklace is one of my favorite takes on a classic silhouette. It will never go out of style; and isn’t that true of all true style?

9. 2-Piece Pantsuit


Black Rose Top, 425 US

Red Harper Pant, 295 US

100% silk crepe 2-piece pantsuit is comprised of the Black Rose Top and Red Harper Pant. Interested parties can request a custom order in various colors. It’s pictured here on the lovely Michelle Williams in red. Image courtesy of INSTAGRAM

10. Ssicui Clutch



This casual clutch made from cotton, canvas, textured linen and denim fabrics is so rich in color and abstract geometrics, it can be mixed and matched throughout the season. Handmade in Colombia.

11. 530 Pencil


24.95 US

Evoking the Gold Rush of 1848, 170 years later this limited edition pencil celebrates the eureka moment of creative genius and inspiration.

12. Rabbit Balloon Ring



This ring is a part of the designer’s vision to preserve traditional porcelain craftsmanship as the skillset is in danger of extinction. Crafted in Spain and Portugal, this whimsical design is instantly eye-catching with a great story to match.