Power women Julianne Moore, Adwoa Aboah help expand John Hardy legacy as the Balinese brand launches Made for Legends.

“Your legacy is more than what you’ve accomplished,” comments Academy Award-winning actress Julianne Moore. Alongside model and activist Adwoa Aboah, the power duo has teamed with John Hardy in a campaign promoting his new brand platform. The “Made for Legends” campaign celebrates dramatic, powerful and inspiring women, as brought to life by these strong females of character and substance, demonstrating the power of jewelry as a means of expression. The brand platform launches today.


Adwoa and Julianne lead the “Made for Legends” platform with their shared values of purpose, passion, and resiliency. Julianne exemplifies this through her multi-decade acting career and fearlessness with the entertainment community. Adwoa embodies this zeal through the power of her voice, especially with her Gurls Talk organization.

Since 1975, the Balinese brand John Hardy has been claiming the power or self-expression. With the launch of this new creative platform, the artisan jewelry collection seeks to turn away from conventional ideas of legend and legacy. This is a big idea in a world becoming saturated with instafame. “Legend” has to take on new meanings.

Adwoa exclusively tells Vanichi, “To me, being legendary is speaking your mind. In today’s world, no one wants anything that’s phony. We want authentic and raw and real. I love that people aren’t scared to just tell someone that they’re not in the right. No one has any time for people who aren’t going to work together.”

The “Made for Legends” experience encourages women to acquire beautiful pieces that they love for themselves, rather wait for someone to gift it to them. After all, life is too short to not celebrate yourself.