This indestructible X-Men inspired martini glass can handle being shaken or stirred.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Adamantium. The X-Men character Wolverine has shiny, deadly, retractable claws made from the impervious metal. Well, this indestructible X-Men inspired martini glass known as the Adamantini isn’t made from actual adamantium. Instead, it’s precision-made from a massive 25lb. billet of stainless steel. It’s the latest sleek cocktail glass offering from Wolfram Manufacturing and at $199 US a pop, this clean design can present a perfectly chilled martini in a glass that won’t crack from a toast of “Excelsior!“.


The Adamantini also has a low center of gravity and can easily maintain its balance on most surfaces. It weighs a little more than a pound and can hold 8oz of libation. Pay attention to how cold that metal gets. There should never be ice on the outside as moist human flesh can end of stuck to metal that cold. Instead, be sure to always have condensation.


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