How Ice Cube Celebrates, Chloe Grace Moretz Go-To Style.

Entertainment insider Cindy Pearlman uncovers how Ice Cube celebrates behind closed doors and gets to the heart of Chloe Grace Moretz go-to style.

Straight Outta his Los Angeles living room, actor-producer Ice Cube made it clear that you can go home again.

As his $200 million critically acclaimed hit “Straight Outta Compton” is released on DVD, he will be celebrating where it all began.

Question: Is it true that you always brought your own kids back to Compton after you made it and began living in a far different zip code?

Cube:  “Absolutely because everyone I know is mostly still there. It’s where my family and friends live for the most part. And you should never be a stranger around your own people. That’s why I still take my kids everywhere to teach them that nobody is above us and definitely nobody is below us.”

“Compton,” the biopic about his group N.W.A., is a top grosser, but it failed to win a Best Picture Oscar nod, which shocked the industry and fans. The film did pick up a screenwriting nod in a year where there is no diversity in the top nominations.

Cube put it in perspective. “There’s a lot of great movies out there,” he said. “Of course, I’m biased and think we made a great movie.” He added that recognition from the Academy would have “done wonders for a movie like this and it would do wonders for more stories to get made that aren’t the same old fair we’re used to seeing on the big screen.”

“A different point of view creates different art, and when it comes to art you want the whole spectrum,” he said. “If you’re a fan of good films and good art, you don’t just want one side. You want everyone’s story to be told.”

Cube other stories include the current “Ride Along 2,” which re-teams him with Kevin Hart, and another installment of “Barbershop” debuting this spring. His iconic group N.W.A. will also be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this April.

“When you thought the cake could not have more icing, there’s some icing flowers on the top,” he joked. “I don’t even know if you dream of something like this. It’s something I never considered, but when it happens the real win is that you feel as if people understand you. People finally get it.

“People won’t like every song, but at least if they get it that’s half the battle. And that’s rock and roll,” he said. “N.W.A. to me is as rock and roll as anything because I think rock encompasses a bigger part of music. It changes forms. It’s constant energy. That’s also what hip-hop is and it belongs with rock. We belong there.”

Has it all come full circle for a man whose music was once almost banned by the US government?

“I’m ecstatic about what happened with the ‘Compton’ movie. Universal treated it like a movie and not just a black movie or an urban movie,” Cube said.  “All those words are excuses not to go for it, and we didn’t deal with an excuses. We didn’t buy into those old themes.”

“I was told with the film to go with your heart and go with your gut,” he said. “The end result is a movie that’s a slice of American history. It’s rags to riches. It’s brotherhood. It’s break up or make up. It’s the freedom of speech of being yourself and not being afraid of the system that might be trying to crush you or stop your voice.

“Those themes are so universal that I’ve had grandmothers come up and tell me that they saw the movie five times,” he said.

That’s why Cube is now living with a young actor on the cusp. His uber talented son O’Shea Jackson Jr. plays a younger Cube in the movie.

So your kid’s film grosses $200 million at the box office. Can you still ask him to take out the trash?

Cube laughed.

“If I ain’t no movie star in this house, he ain’t no movie star. I take out trash. He takes out trash,” he said. “My wife is the one in charge here. That’s real.”


LOS ANGELES, CA- January 14, 2016: Chloe Grace Moretz seen at an AwesomenessTV Special Fan Screening of Columbia Pictures' THE 5TH WAVE at Pacific Theatres at the Grove. Image Credit CTMG.

LOS ANGELES, CA- January 14, 2016: Chloe Grace Moretz seen at an AwesomenessTV Special Fan Screening of Columbia Pictures’ THE 5TH WAVE at Pacific Theatres at the Grove. Image Credit CTMG.

At 18, luminous Chloe Grace Moretz might just be the next A list female that Hollywood craves. As we get into the thick of awards season, the star of the upcoming “The Fifth Wave” said that her standard fashion statement is one that doesn’t require a stylist. “If you saw me at home, I’d be in an old Rolling Stones T-shirt. I wear it every single day,” she said.

She said awards season does have her thinking a little bit loftier thoughts. “I have an awesome stylist who helps me choose great outfits. The key is young and fun and interesting.”

Her new film, “The Fifth Wave,” presents the interesting idea of a young woman trying to save humanity after four waves of increasingly devastating attacks have left the Earth hurting. Her character Cassie must find her younger brother who has gone missing.

“I believe it’s a huge deal for young women to see this type of girl step into the action. She’s not running around just to get the guy. This is something bigger,” she said.

“I can look at Cassie and say, ‘Oh, that’s me. I’m that girl. I’m not extraordinary, but if push comes to shove then I know I will find the courage.”


“Straight Outta Compton” is on DVD now. “Ride Along 2” is currently at local theaters. “The Fifth Wave” opens Jan. 22


Cindy Pearlman has spent three decades covering Hollywood for the New York Times Syndicate and Chicago Sun Times. Her YA book ASCENDERS is available now on Amazon and iTunes.