Uploading profile feature with WeTalk Founder Nolly Qunta

We’re launching a new profile feature with Vanichi called UPLOADING. It talks to innovators around the world that are using social media and digital media to connect communities, expand ideas and further understanding. Our first profile is with Konnect House and WeTalk founder Nolly Qunta. The South Africa-based visionary is

What You Do: I co-own WeTalk & Konnect House. I community manage social media pages for certain individuals. I am a social media strategist. I am a student studying towards a Management in Marketing degree.


Reason You Launched WeTalk: There was a need to have an accessible group of entrepreneurs who share information about their expertise in the aim to empower one another as well as collaborate in solving the global business problems.


Favourite Thing About WeTalk: Its ability to connect with entrepreneurs all over the world for a common cause and goal of INFORMATION SHARING, NETWORKING and ENGAGING.


Main Philosophy/Mantra of Konnect House: Konnect House believes that to build and scale a business takes more than just a great idea. Our philosophy is that start-ups need to be empowered by connecting them to the latest wisdom on how to build highly scalable businesses.  There needs to be easy access to resources to build businesses.


How WeTalk Differs From Konnect House: Konnect House is the company that houses WeTalk. WeTalk is a name of a networking and business solution sharing platform created under Konnect House (PTY) LTD.


How You Define Entrepreneurship: I fell in love with Stevenson’s definition for the essence of entrepreneurship, “The pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled.”


Last Thing You Googled: “Black Like Me Heman Mashaba”


Favorite Emoji:  ✨

Number of Tabs Open On Your Laptop: 6 – not too many haha


Number of Apps On Your Phone: 25+


Most Valuable Lesson Being an Entrepreneur Has Taught You: You need to believe in yourself and in your vision. Be unapologetic.


Main Life Lesson You’ve Learned From Social Media: There is so much good we can do when we come together and collaborate with each other.


Favorite Thing About Social Media: It creates enormous opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners.


When Do You Feel Compelled To Stay Off Your Phone & Social Media To Decompress? : Every time I try to measure my impact against social media standards, that’s when I definitely know I need to stay away from the noise for some time.   


Last Book You Read: Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi


Last Livestream/Facebook Live You Watched: Make Up or Break Up by Shannon Boodram


Favorite Podcasts: All podcasts by Alex Elle and Oprah Winfrey


Favorite Quote About Business: Your network is your net worth.


Song You Listen To When You Need Inspiration: Café La Note by Nape-Leon


Favorite Things To Wear When “Power Dressing”: Heels. Blazer. White Shirt. These could be paired with a nice skirt or skinny pants.


App You Wish Someone Would Create Just For You: An app that reminds me to text people back.


Phrase You Use the Most: “that sounds great”


Most Watched YouTube Video: ALL of David Rubenstein’s videos


Favorite Instagram Feed: @Diddy

Biggest Dream For Humanity: LOVE – the world could do with more love.