Pernilla Strand and Therése Palmhager found each other through social media and immediately fell in love with the others art. These days meeting through social media is no surprise and well, these two, are a match to be reckoned with.
Strand, a photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden, is a storyteller who prides herself on conveying mystery through images. Upon graduating from the Gamleby School of Photography, Commercial and Magazine, she immediately began freelancing, always looking for the next story. Her favorite part? “Creating a story with the people behind the art.”
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Palmhager, a designer, questions the stereotypical roles of society today. “Social conventions and human behavior is something I have always found interesting. We live in these social conventions that from an early age teach us how to behave in order to fit in with the invisible structures of society called ‘norms’ ” says Palmhager, who herself grew up unconventionally. “In my work I want to challenge the idea of what is considered socially acceptable and by doing so I hope to somehow expand ideas of what a person is and can be.”
Curious as to what would happen in a meeting between their art forms, the decision was made to collaborate. In this editorial, the team wanted to create something “Rough but still tender, a portrayal of a playful sibling love intertwined in a poetry of concrete.” If you ask us, “Concrete Ice” is perfectly named and we cannot wait to see what comes next for this pair.
Team Credits
Photographer: Pernilla Strand
Models: Morris E. & Isabelle A. / MIKAs Stockholm
Makeup & Hair: Karin Löfgren
Design: Therése Palmhager
Assistant: Elin Wiewegg