Sotheby’s Specialists Explain How Trends Affect Art Market Value

Trends affect art market value more than we realize. The fashion of the current times and the tastes of the future can determine what pieces suddenly become valuable, what works and objects remain valuable, even what depreciates over time. To help collectors (and aspiring collectors) navigate the complex art world, Sotheby’s Financial Services presents a docu-series that details the value of art. Episode 7 of the 10-part series tackles ‘Fashion’.

“A great Andy Warhol painting from 1963 is like a Chanel suit – it never goes out of style,” explains contemporary art expert Meredith Kirk. Some works transcend their time; many soon fall out of favour, while others take a generation to gain appreciation. Everyone tries to bet on what’s coming next, but how do you know? In Episode 7, Sotheby’s specialists provide guidance for navigating the unpredictable landscape of trends by embracing one core principle. Watch the video to discover the secret. Specialists in this episode: Nicolas Chow, Julian Dawes, Brandei Estes, Frank Everett, Ian Kelleher, Meredith Kirk, Courtney Kremers, Connor Kriegel, Mee-Seen Loong, Michael Macaulay, Yessica Marks, Yamini Mehta, Jonquil O’Reilly and Edoardo Roberti.