‘New York-based artist Marko Stout takes CHELSEA GIRLS on a 10-city tour.’

Through June 2016, artists Marko Stout takes “Chelsea Girls”, his latest art series, on a tour. This 10-city world stop kicked off in NewYork and will conculde in Paris in June of next year. Stout has recently been praised in Huffington Post and JustLuxe for his series’ celebration of grit and individuality in the subject matter. Also, accompanying the artist during the tour is his film installation “Manhattan Project No.9.” This short experimental film mixes and juxtaposes film noir influences with a new wave, quasi-French dreamlike aesthetic. The viewers of “Manhattan Project No. 9″ are invited to experience it through headphones.

marko stout takes chelsea girls

Stout found influence in works by Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock and Jeff Koons. He describes his work by confessing, “It’s figurative. The first thing you probably would notice, especially with the prints, are the bright colors. There are a lot of bright colors that I use to show the energy behind the city life, the urban lifestyle that we live.”

marko stout art markets

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“Chelsea Girls” Tour Remaining Tour Dates

Rivington Street Gallery, New York City 08/13/15 thru 08/19/15

Amsterdam Int’l Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam  08/28/16 thru 08/29/16

Berlin Art Week, Berlin, Germany 09/15/15 thru 09/20/15

Berlin Licterfest, Berlin, Germany 10/09/15 thru 10/18/15

Art Toronto 2015, Toronto, Canada 10/23/15 thru 10/26/15

ArtSpot International Art Show, San Diego, CA 11/05/15 thru 11/08/15

Miami Spectrum Art Show, Downtown Miami 12/02/15 thru 12/06/15

ArtBasel, Miami Beach, 12/03/15 thru 12/06/15

Arte Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany  01/14/16 thru 01/17/16

LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA  01/27/16 thru 01/31/16

Art Palm Beach, Palm Beach, FL  01/20/15 thru 01/24/15

Le Shopping Paris, Carrousel Du Louve, Paris 06/13/16 thru 06/14/16