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Pictured from top right to left clockwise: Ryan Lane and Maya Washington, Stephanie Nogueras, designer T. Ashanti Mozelle and Maya Washington, Blake Cooper Griffin and Tina Huang, Kevin John and Tina Cleveland. Photography by IAN FOXX.

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White Space Poetry Project released its award-winning short film and complementary poetry anthology that bridges the gap between hearing and deaf poets. Written and directed by Maya Washington and starring Ryan Lane, the film has won international festivals including the Minneapolis-St Paul Short Film Festival and Co-Kisser Poetry Film Festival.


white space poetry project

Ryan Lane. Photo Credit Araya Diaz/WireImage.

The anthology curates poetry, creative non-fiction and art of both deaf and hearing artists. Experimental works, by some established and emerging talent Raymond Luczak, Kristen Ringman, Randall Horton, Phillip B. Williams, Su Smallen and Bianca Spriggs, create dialogue between both literal and metaphorical white space and explores its sonic relationship to the page. The launch event celebrated the release with music, cocktails and live poetry at Boardwalk 11.