Southern California, the destination of all aspiring actors, artists, and others of their ilk. For artist and model Peter Shoukry, living in Los Angeles helped him create and build his crafts, and soon, a following. If you haven’t heard the name Peter Shoukry by now, then chances are you haven’t visited many galleries or museums recently. A bit of background; Peter was born in Giza, Egypt to a family of modest means who won a green card lottery and were able to immigrate to the United States when Peter was 10 years old. At a young age, Peter began experimenting with art and soon had completed several coal and pencil sketches. At 17, Peter’s art was featured in his first gallery The Happening Gallery in Los Angeles, California. Soon, Peter gained a loyal following and soon, his work was shared across the state.

After headlining the Man in Love World Tour, which was sponsored by the Presidency of the European Union, Peter began cultivating an international following. He would soon realize another calling as his foray into the modeling world occurred in early 2012. He was approached by the founder of Envy Model Management who saw marketing and branding opportunity within Peter’s exotic look. With Envy came numerous features in magazine editorials and fashion shows. Yet, his most recent venture is a result of one of his signature features: his hair. Peter has recently signed on with J Beverly Hills and Euphora who were intrigued by his thick and healthy hair and wanted to feature him in several hair modeling advertisements.

Little did he know that this would soon lead him to discover a completely new medium of artistic expression.

art concept peter shoukry

We don’t normally associate the act of taking a bath as a time of deep thought and reflection, but for Peter, it was a moment of epiphany. While combing his hair during a bath one day, he noticed something. As he drained his tub, his shed hair would swirl around, dancing in the water until it landed in patterns and designs that intrigued him. This happened several more times until Peter began realizing that he may be onto something; he began taking pictures of these intricate designs and began showing them to some of the galleries within his network.

ready to fly peter shoukry art

old man concept peter shoukry vanichi

How many times have we seen hair flowing through the wind? The way it effortlessly bends and moves. Peter would ask you to consider how water can have the same effect, except in this case, it is a visual photograph of that very moment. It is the ultimate form of abstract. – By Mina SOLIMAN

Photography: Patrick Gutierre

Model: Peter Shoukry