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The Abyss Table by Christopher Duffy

Boketto. Although there’s no one word English equivalent to make for a perfect translation, this Japanese word embodies an idea of gazing into the sky or some other vastness without a thought. While a “boketto” stare is free from thought, it is hardly vacant. It’s more a freedom that allows for surrender to the distance of time and space, introspection and in the best cases, epiphany.

Perhaps London-designer Christopher Duffy tapped into this feeling when creating his Abyss Table. Resting alone, the coffee table looks more like a free standing rock formation interwoven with a body of water. From the top down, the viewer can travel into the depths of everything. A perfect blend of form and function, this table is more than a conversation piece – it can be a conversation convertor.

Abyss Table Christopher Duffy

A side view of the Abyss Table.


Duffy’s design team spent a year abstracting the idea of the deep blue. Manipulating wood gathered from Forest Stewardship Council managed forests, Perspex and sculpted glass, the team experimented with layers. Arranging the components to resemble a 3-D geological map, they have successfully produced a limited run of 25 tables, each selling for £9,800.00, or $15,750.00 US. Handmade by local artisans using ethically sourced materials, this table will bring a calming and meditative sliver of ocean slender into your living room. – VANICHI NOW