Artist Nata Metlukh could have taken on any subject for her Vancouver Film School [VFS] graduation project. She decided to tackle “Fears” in a short animated film. Utilizing painted backgrounds, the 2-minute animation took 15 weeks to complete. Her technique involved rough and clean animation that all done in flash. For more difficult scenes, she also used lots of references, research and modeling.

fears animated short film


The painstaking result is a lovely short film that shows how Fears and more specifically, fear creatures, can make life more difficult to manage. Yet, they can also occasionally be useful and save our lives. Fear is a natural part of human existence and exists in the mind for a reason.

More about Nata Metlukh

Nata Metlukh was born and raised in Ukraine. While in the Ukraine she received her arts education and master’s degree in applied mathematics. After graduation she worked as a graphic and web designer for ad agencies and IT outsourcing companies for several years until she moved to the US. The next five years she worked as a freelance editorial illustrator. In 2014-2015 she studied classical animation at Vancouver Film School, where she produced two graduation films.