Vanichi goes in-depth with expert Barbara Roberts to discover 10 creative people facial features.

Face reading originated thousands of years ago. It was devised to help people better understand themselves and others by simply looking at the face. It’s more than judging a book by its cover. Imagine going into a meeting and knowing if the person you need to persuade responds best to ideas over hard facts, figures and data. Imagine being able to better network in a room with open-minded people because you can look at their faces and see that they’re open-minded. These nonverbal cues have been studied by many cultures. Author and face reading expert Barbara Roberts sat down with Vanichi to help us better uncover 10 creative people facial features, that is features most often seen in the faces of those with creative vision and/or artistic genius. Scroll down to discover these traits, real-life examples and an infographic that breaks it down.

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Face Reading is an ancient psychological system of reading a person’s true character from his or her facial features such as eye color, hair texture, jaw shape and so on. Its goal is to give healing and insight – new awareness that gives one spiritual and emotional growth, guidance in selecting a career path in tune with one’s inner temperament and specific tools to make a 70/30% harmonious romantic match.

In her work spanning thirty years with 10,000 people, Barbara Roberts, author of Face Reading – How to Know Anyone at a Glance, developed a system of matching hundreds of these facial features to psychological meanings. Her psychological meanings are 90-95% accurate and apply universally to all ethnic groups, ages, and genders.

When people ask her about the role of plastic surgery in interpreting the face, she replies that there are three categories of these Facial Features: Features from birth (genetics), Features reflecting how one likes to look (hair changes, makeup) and Features that are changed by elements from the outside (accidents, plastic surgery, orthodontia.)

Although Barbara emphasizes looking at the whole face to give a complete understanding of someone, below are Ten Facial Features she selected out of many, which express artistic genius and creative vision.

creative facial features infographic illustrations 21. Widow’s Peak

What: a downward ‘V’ in hairline

Meaning: Innovative, loves to think outside the box, prefers being given the specs on a project so (s)he can recreate it with a unique slant.

Example: Leo DiCaprio


2. Arched Eyebrows

What: reversed ‘V’ in the brow over the eye

Meaning: Dramatic, love of artistic flair in fashion, fabric, texture, or color, dance, theater, or art. Imaginative, original, high spirited.

Examples: Angelina Jolie,Toni Morrison, Dr. Maya Angelou


3. Teacher Lines

What: lines fan downward from the eyes across the cheek area

Meaning: Gifted communicator – teacher, writer, or speaker. Expressive, ingenious storyteller.

Examples: JRR Tolkien, Meryl Streep


4. Vertical Forehead  Line

What: vertical line above the nose

Meaning: Goes in a different directions (geographically, spiritually, emotionally, or in career selection) than their birth family, pioneering, enterprising.

Examples: Winston Churchill, Andy Griffith


5. Radiant and Clear Eyes

What: alert and responsive eyes

Meaning: Excitement for the project. ingenious and spiritually resourceful.

Examples: Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King, St. Therese of Lisieux


6. Naso-labial Lines

What: circular lines around the mouth and outer nose

Meaning: Able to talk with anyone about anything, verbal agility, easily understood by others, good communication skills.

Example: Hillary Clinton


7. Large Ears

What: ears are big comparatively to the size of the head)

Meaning: Tunes into the Big picture of the job, visionary, people tell them everything, understands the pulse of his industry.

Examples: Will Smith, Mr. Rodgers


8. Large Nose

What: nose is large comparatively to size of face

Meaning: Easily draws financial and/or spiritual abundance and wealth, charismatic, may be humanitarian.

Example: Mother Theresa of Calcutta


9. Ears Come Forward

What: ears come forward and away from the head

Meaning: Innate musical ability, sensitive to sound, rhythm, and vibration, innovative composer.

Example: Eminem


10. Thin, Long and Narrow Ears

What: ears are narrow and long along the face

Meaning: Natural ability and artistic genius in interior design, fashion, or hair, very visual and gifted with use of color and texture.

Example: Sonakshi Sinha

Scroll below for a shareable infographic and about these creative people facial features.

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10 Creative Facial Features Infographic VANICHI

creative people facial features vanichi

ABOUT BARBARA ROBERTS | Barbara’s intuitive, spiritual approach to Face Reading combines her own forty year personal journey of psychological transformation and meditation with the scientific accuracy she developed in clinical medicine. Hers is the only Face Reading system to honor all ethnic groups, ages, and genders. She has appeared as a guest on 75 national and local TV/Radio Shows. Additionally, Barbara has presented over 500 seminars including those for the US Navy, Jenny Craig, Fortune 500, Wells Fargo, Learning Annex, Hospice, YMCA, Center for Integrative Medicine and the City of San Diego. She has read the faces of Oprah’s production staff and TV talk Show’s “Cristina” and her family. She currently lives in a small town called Encinitas near the beautiful beaches of San Diego. Barbara Roberts can be found online at