Childish Gambino presents PHAROS at the Microsoft Lounge

Childish Gambino, the music alter ego of Donald Glover, joined Microsoft and Wolf + Rothstein at The Microsoft Lounge in Venice – Los Angeles, CA to present PHAROS and speak about his creative inspiration behind his latest album “Awaken, My Love!”. Guests also got to preview a VR experience for Pharos that takes the viewer into a 3-day concert held by Childish Gambino at Joshua Tree.

Working closely with Microsoft, Childish Gambino and the creative team of Wolf + Rothstein crafted the virtual reality of PHAROS to complement and enhance the sensory experience of his music. Fans can download and experience a 360-degree video for “Me and Your Mama” now through the PHAROS app.

childish gambino presents pharos at microsoft

“Artists have to push new boundaries,” stated Fam Rothstein of Wolf + Rothstein.

The Pharos experience takes music beyond its normal boundaries to tap into a more enhanced sensory experience. It’s the latest project in Microsoft’s Music x Technology program which explores the merger of artistry and advancements in interactive technology.

You can download the Pharos app on iPhones, Android and Windows 10 mobile.


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