This controversial Heineken ad takes on feminism, transgender rights, climate change and the very concept of unity with shocking results.

Beverage companies like Pepsi have gotten a lot of side-eye lately. That Kendall Jenner protest-ad left a lot of people of both sides of the aisle uninspired. Despite what spokespeople asserted the point to be, the ad telescoped our differences even more. So, Heineken has taken a different approach with its #OpenYourWorld campaign. In this controversial Heineken ad, the beer brand takes on feminism, transgender rights and climate change by highlighting commonality first.

controversial heineken ad openyourworld

The ad shows people with diametrically opposing views discussing their strong opinions. They meet not knowing anything about each other. They connect by building something together. The process of working with their hands and being focused on completing a common goal affords them lots of room to connect on a human level first. So, they begin their journey together with unity rather than differences.

Watch what happens when their differences are revealed. The results are shocking.


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