The My Hotel Room book by Aladdin Ishmael will inspire new #hotelgoals

Sensual, chic and, at times, giggly tongue and cheek, “My Hotel Room” by well-known photographer Aladdin Ishmael is 200 pages of top models in top-notch hotels. Ishmael spent a year and a half traveling and photographing seductive vignettes around the world. In each city, he created intimate scenes that range from teasing and alluring to defiantly provocative. By focusing on the architecture of each venue and personality of each city paired with a local model, the result is polarizing. As far as coffee table books go, “My Hotel Room” will inspire new #hotelgoals for even the most seasoned traveler.

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This first monograph by Ishmael features 31 distinct stories that explore the intersection of luxury and sensual freedom. Including The Bowery in New York, The Yard Hotel in Milan, Shangri-La Hotel in Paris, Hullett House Hotel in Hong Kong and many other luxurious locations, “My Hotel Room” celebrates diverse beauty and design. Discover more at

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