By Jordan SWAIN

Attention all mind hackers! The team at Quantified Minds has developed a mind tool that quickly, reliably and comprehensively measures your basic cognitive abilities. Based on testing techniques used by top experts in psychology and neurology, they have adapted a web application that is practical and modern. Their UI is clean and you can use this future-forward tool whenever, wherever, as often as you want.

Their growing team is quantifying the effects of interventions on our day-to-day cognitive processes. Their premise is simple, “If something will make you smarter, we want to know! Eating butter, taking creatine, meditating — who knows what really works? To see whether something improves cognition, you need to try things and measure the results. With enough data, the effects are clear.”

Best of all the site is free to users, and only requires the will for mental growth, and consistency. You can also join any of their on-going cognitive test. Some of the things you can measure are:

Reaction times

Working memory

Motor function

Executive function

The site also runs experiments which you can join. For those looking to embrace their inner scientist, can create their own tests and collect data on the site. Their current on-going experiments include: Time of Day effects, the effects of Skipping Breakfast, Meditation, Vitamin D, Creatine, Sex, Coffee, Massage, Weight Lifting and Fish Oil.