Luxury cannabis becomes reality via Beboe, a sophisticated brand founded by a former Yoox exec.

The world is starting to embrace legalized marijuana. Gone are the days of Amsterdam being the only safe haven. From California and Colorado’s marijuana millionaires to a full revamp of the law in Uruguay, the once globally illegal buds are seeing a new reality. Even helped sell some highly collectable glass bongs after a showing of pieces that range from $5,000-$300,000 USD. Now, luxury cannabis becomes reality with a new sophisticated brand called Beboe.


Founded by tattoo artist Scott Campbell and former Yoox President of US Operations, Clement Kwan, Beboe offers a well-designed line of vaporizers and pastilles in luxurious packaging. Both founders are experienced cannabis growers but what is more surprising is that the brand is named after Campbell’s grandmother who was known as Be Boe.

Grandma Beboe used to make marijuana brownies for Campbell’s mom who had been diagnosed with cancer when he was a child. Campbell’s mom suffered intense nausea and often had no appetite without the aid of Beboe’s special brownies.

In celebration of the love and care embodied by his grandmother, Campbell launched a brand that embraces luxury cannabis and offers a collection for the chic consumer.


The Beboe pre-filled vaporizer retails for $60 USD through the brand’s website and is intended for single-use. With 200 milligrams of Sativa blend THC and 40 milligrams of CBD, the rose-gold vaporizer is designed for social use.

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Beboe’s pastilles contain organic ingredients such as organic grape dextrose, organic maple sugar, organic tapioca, cannabis and organic brown rice hull. Priced at $25 USD, they are intended for use at any time, including before or after meals. The packaging is round and peachy colored.

For those who do not have their cannabis prescription, Beboe even has a solution for that. Members can get referrals to medical marijuana evaluation centers in their area by simply signing up online.

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