It’s believed that computer driving can cut the number of car accidents in half. Through a dedicated team of engineers in Tel Aviv, a company called Mobileye competes with Google’s driverless future. Mobileye uses sophisticated vision algorithms to help the car maneuver long stretches of highway while avoiding collision. These algorithms observe and analyze all of the objects on the road and highlights non-threatening objects to the driver’s safety in green. The vehicle immediately in front of the Mobileye technology is highlighted in red and the system maintains a safe distance from that car, truck or motorcycle.

Mobileye has already been integrated into vehicles of the world’s leading manufacturers such as Volvo, GM, BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Opel, Citroen, Mitsubishi and many others. According to Mobileye,

“Since its inception in 1999 Mobileye has led the way in machine vision technology for mono-cameras, supplying global vehicle manufacturers with the core System-on-Chip designed to specification for vision based solutions. Mobileye’s key breakthrough was the realization that all the desired functions could run from the input of the mono-camera, pioneering a new path in machine vision technology. At the time, all other automotive suppliers were focused on stereo vision or alternative technologies such as radar. This realization was a revolutionary leap in the market in 1999.”

The company’s Artificial Vision Technology through the mono-cameras help avoid collision with the most vulnerable on our roads: pedestrian and cyclists. Its technology also alerts when the vehicle departs the lane unexpectedly, alerts with speed limits, warns of forward collision and helps maintain a safe gap in distance from the vehicle ahead. The data is precise and in real-time. The system can also be calibrated to provide warnings at different distances.

mobileye competes with google driverless future

Through his uTech series, LeVar Burton recently took Reading Rainbow and YouTube viewers on a trip to Israel to experience Mobileye’s driverless future. Watch LeVar enjoy a no hands drive along the highway: