aeromobil flying car

It only takes one major traffic jam when you’re already late to make a person wish the car could magically turn into a jet car and fly above the mess.Well, Štefan Klein and the team behind the AeroMobil 3.0 prototype are looking to make the fantasy a reality. After working on the project since 1990, the team will reveal a production ready flying car at the Pioneers Festival in Austria on October 29, 2014.

With a capacity for two passengers, the design works on the street and quickly transforms to take flight. Wings – that were previously folded behind the seats – emerge to catch air during the AeroMobil 3’s 130Km/h or 80.7mph take-off speed. According to the creators, the vehicle has a top speed of 200Km/h (124mph) in the air and 160Km/h (99mph) on the road.

As for travel potential, the AeroMobil 3 has a range of 435 miles in the air (700Km) and 544 miles on the road, or 875Km. No special gas is needed to drive around town so the driver/pilot can fuel the tank at any gas station. It seems the prediction that Henry Ford made in 1940 of a combination “airplane and motorcar” is finally on its way.

See the AeroMobil 3 in action by viewing the video below.  – VANICHI


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