For 2014, it seems that Apple isn’t just trying new products. With its new product, Carplay, Apple has also delved into new collaborations with third-party organizations, something the company never does. Demand continues to build for options that offer drivers interaction with their phones without having to actually pick up the phone and break the law.

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Carplay connects iPhones to cars through Siri technology and the physical interface on steering wheels. Users get a virtual car personal assistant that can handle selecting music, making calls, sending and returning messages, and gathering directions.

Since the tech works with existing car controls, Carplay gives users the choice of dictating to Siri or touching and twisting car knobs. Currently, Mercedes Benz, Volvo and Ferrari carry Carplay but BMW, Land Rover, Kia and Vauxhall have announced their future cars will have this technology as an option.

Feast your eyes on the Zagato Mostro powered by Maserati.