The future of driving is in display technology that keeps our eyes on the road and our hands on the wheel. Navdy promises true hands-free mobility with a projection screen that puts your mobile needs on the dashboard. Users can command the device through voice and hand gestures. So, no more fumbling to find a phone that’s fallen to the floor of the car or trying to sneak a text message send off while keeping an eye out for the cops.

As a compact, high powered projector, Navdy easily mounts to a car’s dashboard and projects directions, texts, incoming calls, and other notifications from an iPhone or Android phone. It can also be programmed to display notifications from social media, music and various other apps. Users control Navdy with hand gestures and voice commands, allowing for maximum control of the vehicle while driving. Navdy founders Adam and Doug share how the projector works:

Navdy successfully raised $6.5 million from investors last year and can now be pre-ordered for $299 through their website.

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