Privacy has become the latest buzzword but it’s hardly a new issue. From the celebrity being chased by paparazzi to Edward Snowden revealing governments data mining to drones to user information being open to platform service providers, conversations about what is public versus private are more relevant than ever. It seems that gain is accompanied by sacrifice and in current times it is becoming increasingly apparent that the price of convenience is the relinquishment of personal privacy.

The UK-developers behind WEDG, a personal cloud devise, are offering an alternative to third party clouds. It is a personal cloud that is secure to the owner and allows for email, storage, website and app hosting and media streaming. Led by CEO Shehbaz Afzal, the team hopes outside developers will be enticed to create additional apps for the device and in effect, increase its functionality even more.

WEDG launched its Indiegogo campaign on September 22 and has already surpassed its goal of £71,000 but this is not the first attempt at pre-selling the device. A previous campaign proved to unsuccessful. The team took consumer feedback and went back to the drawing board. Now, they are offering a ARM-based Wedg for £149 and a Wedg Pro with Intel for £249. Wedg is also built with increased storage needs in mind as the company plans to be able to easily add more storage capability to the current design which currently comes with 1TB.