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Vanichi editors curate Anna Ohhio luxurious chunky merino wool blankets.

Hailing from Kiev, Ukraine, the Anna Ohhio luxurious chunky merino wool blankets are our latest must-have Vanichi Editors Pick. One day, Anna saw some merino wool and got inspired. She didn’t possess knitting needles so she just used her hands. She now uses this technique to make ultra-soft, breathable chunky hand-knit 100% merino wool blankets.

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The brand states that each item is made using three things and three things only: their hands, 100% merino wool, and inspiration. For a limited time, anyone can preorder her blankets and/or a cowl scarf (also out of 100% merino wool) through the company’s Kickstarter campaign.

anna ohhio blanket merino wool vanichi luxury emotionEach option comes in a range of seven colors: grey, yellow, dark grey, green, blue, white and pink. For the blankets, there are also four sizes to choose: small, medium, large and extra large which fits a queen size bed. Cowl scarfs start at $70 and blanket pricing ranges from $204 for the small to $690 for the extra large. You can also get the Family Pack consisting of one small, one medium and one large for $993.



anna ohhio blanket merino wool vanichi men Anna and theĀ  young brand that is Ohhio have made comfort, beauty and luxury out of simple elements. They are hoping that the Kickstarter will help make their products accessible to a wider audience looking for clean, honest design. The preorder campaign ends Sunday, December 20, 2015. Depending on what is ordered, shipments will be received in February or April 2016. They have already reached over $79,000 in preorders from 280+ backers. Ohhio’s original goal was $20,000.simple honest quote anna ohhio