Vanichi Home curates Antique Yoruba Beaded Nobility Chairs via 1stDibs

The Yoruba people have an immense history visual as well as functional arts. The culture has produced everything from  bronze sculpted Ife head statues to handwoven ceremonial fabrics. My latest obsessions are antique Yoruba Beaded Nobility Chairs. These intricate chairs were reserved for nobility and crafted to preserve folklore and tradition as well as the king’s legacy. The wooden frames are layered with canvas fabric that has been hand-beaded with vivid, and often colorful, designs.

african nigerian beaded chairs

These Yoruba Beaded Nobility Chairs display plant and floral motifs in intricate black and white hand beading. Traditionally, artisans use floral patterns, animal symbolism and geometrics with repetition of pattern to signify the interconnection of all life and the flow of the natural world. Each piece takes days to construct and requires a high level of craftsmanship. Even with natural wear and tear, these chairs hold up beautifully over time and add an elegant touch to any space, indoor or out.

Available for 6,400 US plus 299 US shipping via 1stDibs.

yoruba beaded nobility chairs black white king

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