Before Relocating Abroad, Read This: Realtor Alexandra Aguinaga-Trujillo shares expert tips on moving to a foreign country

Realtor and entrepreneur Alexandra Aguinaga-Trujillo shares her expert tips on what you should know before relocating abroad. With a background that covers entertainment law, global luxury and high-end real estate, Alexandra has been on the front lines of the ever-changing needs of HNW and UHNW individuals.

As an entrepreneur, she has built companies specializing in developing, evaluating and launching her past clients’ projects. In transitioning industries, she has found the same dedication rings true by finding and aiding in the evaluation of the perfect home, income property or lease for her clientele. Her expansive knowledge and specialties include contracts, luxury branding, digital marketing, negotiation, international strategic development and utilizing emerging technology solutions best suited for her client’s real estate needs.

In addition to working within numerous well-known companies, Alexandra has also established business relationships throughout her career with foreign diplomats and government entities, including foreign ministries, consulates and embassies, as well as international relations organizations around the world. Her key interests align by combining social initiatives and cultural diplomacy, always with her keen eye on the global spectrum. Scroll below to discover Alexandra’s tips for relocating abroad.


Whether relocating for a new job, acquiring another home for your existing real estate portfolio or a short-term relocation that fits your luxury lifestyle environment for the season regardless it can be a challenging feat for anyone.


Finding that special place that you call “home” for however long is the most crucial part of the process. Home is the place that you find solace within after you’ve been out and about in a bustling atmosphere or where you welcome those closest to you.


Every situation is different— some clients prefer something turn-key ready, designed and furnished where they literally just unpack their suitcases. Some want a basic foundation while adding some of their shipped valuables to personalize the space and others move their entire households to set up in a new city altogether.


In speaking with countless international architects, interior designers, Eastern Feng Shui practitioners and Western spatial organizers— there is one common denominator that they have arrived at with any client, anywhere in the world. Clients want a quiet retreat that fits their lifestyle. How do you make that possible when you move halfway around the world?


Well what many people don’t realize is that once you select and begin working with a high-end luxury realtor in your chosen area, they can be one of your greatest allies when moving abroad to help guide you and refer resources to help ease the transition. First and foremost, planning is essential especially when you are relocating for we all know there are those slight delays that can sometimes occur.


Here are some key tips to consider when relocating abroad:


1) Find a reputable international moving company – If you need the assistance of a moving company ensure they have experience with the current laws, U.S. customs procedures and moving your possessions into the country effortlessly. Also, see to it that they are licensed, bonded and insured especially what their policy is in the event for loss or damages. The same applies for specialty companies that solely specialize in the safe handling and moving of key valuables from private art collections to grand pianos into the country. Anything you do not want handled by movers have it shipped by courier to your new residence to arrive the day you do.


2) Research the educational offerings within your area – In selecting, public or private educational options for those with children it is vital to see which schools are top rated with excellence for their teaching curriculum, safety and providing an encouraging environment to propel your future generations into success.


3) Know the weather and geographic benefits of your new city – Rain, wind, snow or sun whether you experience all or one depending on the season each part of the country offers a multitude of elements. Are you close to the office, stores, cultural centers, nightlife or gym? Does the current city offer a reputable car service or mass transportation system? Will you need to lease a car if you are not shipping one from your country of origin? Also, ensure your wardrobe and accessories match the weather in your environment so you are always comfortable yet stylish.



4) Access your nearby neighborhood offerings – Switching cities and especially countries can be an entirely different layout that you need to get accustomed to for continuing your normal day to day activities. There are compiled lists of recommendations that can be provided by your real estate agent or other member of your team for nearest places of worship, favorite stores, best restaurants, morning cafés and tea houses, places of interest and cultural centers.


5) Maintaining your best internally and externally – Your overall health is important especially with the added stress to this move whether noticeable or not it can be overwhelming emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Thus, your health and wellness focus should not go ignored especially with adjusting to a new time zone change and weather climate it can take a bit of time for your body to get acclimated to your new environment. With the resurgence and focus on self-care it is now even more so accessible to find specialty exercise studios, spas, health food super-stores, juicing and naturopath specialty stores as well as access to a some of the top doctors and specialists of their field all within convenient reach.

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Alexandra Aguinaga-Trujillo



Since 1998, Alexandra Aguinaga-Trujillo has worked with a number of leading luxury, entertainment and media companies. Her responsibilities have included interfacing on legal teams for A-list talent in film and music and assisting on multimillion dollar campaigns for world class brands. Thus, by aligning her fervor, business strengths and personal interests in both global luxury markets and real estate, it has led her to Sotheby’s International Realty.

Currently, she sits on an advisory committee for Dress for Success, a US non-profit dedicated to providing business attire and career development preparation to disadvantaged women seeking to enter the job market. She also is on the marketing and technology committee for UN Women. Her personal interests include art and architecture, fencing, kendo, chess, fly- fishing, knitting, interior design, travel and real estate investments. She attended Chapman University in California and Marymount Manhattan College in New York studying for her BA, Communications. Also, she is a certified paralegal with a specialty emphasis in contracts.