Where many think touchscreens and swipe technology for the smart home is advanced interface design, a group of designers collectively called Family of the Arts already finds this tech antiquated. The group has designed Cube, a sleek minimalistic device that can control smart home appliances for music, temperature and lighting through a single interface.

cube family of the arts

Cube is designed to be intuitive, portable and less distracting to daily life. Its display screen features icons that let the user immediately know what appliance is being manipulated. Simple body movements command the Cube’s functions: picking it up powers it on, twisting it clockwise like a standard knob turns the volume up and twisting it counterclockwise turns the volume down. It controls the appliance that is closest to the device and all functions can be easily reversed.

cube family of the arts connected home

Since it can be moved from room to room and is connected to the connected home, Cube eliminates the need for extra remotes and, perhaps most importantly, interaction with one’s smart phone. The designers see this as leading to less anti-social moments since Cube immediately offers the desired command and can be quickly put back down. This means less time searching and swiping and more time socializing and enjoying daily life.

Scroll down for a video that shows how controlling the connected home with Cube works.