Luxury Rio Summer Residences

The masses have always flocked to Rio de Janeiro, in good times and bad times. It’s a place that inspires songs, ignites fantasy and will soon house the 2016 Summer Olympics in August. It also has some of the most beautiful homes on the planet with enviable views. We found some that rest in the surrounding areas of the city. Whether you want to join the Olympic frenzy or vacate your life or find the perfect compound for a summer or remote working, these 3 luxury Rio summer residences can indulge your rest and relaxation needs.

luxury rio summer residencesluxury rio summer residences 4


The views.

Located along the tip of Joa, this 800 sqm villa offers 4 luxurious en suites, an expansive terrace and oceanic views. The decor is modern and clean with just enough whimsy to keep it fresh. The private pool overlooks the view of water and rocky bluffs. The bedrooms are secluded by greenery. There’s also a office area to help keep any necessary work separated from the rest of the stay. A large dining table easily entertains 12 guests for a spirited dinner.

Details: 4 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms = 8 Person Capacity

Features: Private Pool, Large Terrace, Gym and Children’s Area

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luxury rio summer residences 2 luxury rio summer residences pool


The open floor plan.

Secluded and less than 15 minutes from Ipanema, this airy light-filled Sao Conrado villa feels composed of windows and a roof, only. It utilizes its 900 sqm well with meticulously curated details to complement the clean architectural lines. Skylights, plant life and modern furnishings intermingle throughout the space. A garden helps the space be at peace with nature and even the shower is a spiritual experience. The massive pool is bordered with various areas for sunny and shaded relaxation. Inside is an impressive dining table that seats 20 without even blinking.

luxury rio summer residences sao conrado

Details: 4 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom(s) with bathtub, 3 Bathroom(s) with shower, 5 Toilet(s) = 8 Person Capacity

Features: Private Pool, Massive Communal Dining, Open Floor Plan

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luxury rio summer residences joa rio summer residences joa


The plush modern comfort.

With 5 bedrooms, two of which feature en suite bathtubs and 3 with showers, comfort is first and foremost here. This plush hideaway seems nestled in greenery only to reveal a stunning ocean front. The villa is bursting with dining spaces, conversation areas, reading and napping areas all of which have uninterrupted views. Its relaxing just to behold the infinity pool. The decor mixes modern beach with clean industrial and the space feels balanced with masculine and feminine details across a neutral color palette.

luxury rio summer residences joa6luxury rio summer residences joa2

luxury rio summer residences joa4 luxury rio summer residences joa3  luxury rio summer residences joa8 luxury rio summer residences joa7 Details: 5 Bedroom(s), 2 Bathroom(s) with bathtub, 3 Bathroom(s) with shower, 6 Toilet(s) = 10 Person Capacity

Features: Infinity Pool, Various Common Areas, Modern Sleek Kitchen

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