Technology Travel Bluesmart smart connected luggage

Image courtesy of BLUESMART.

Imagine a world where you never overpack your carry on luggage again. Now, add to that the concept of never losing that same bag. Wait, also imagine that this same bag can fully charge your mobile devices.

Bluesmart is working to bring modern travelers a system that acts as your personal travel assistant while also holding your necessities. The product’s IndieGogo campaign, which is actually performing more like a pre-sale, has raised over $1,066,000 with 7 days left in the campaign. The carry on will be able to help you plan what to pack and when to pack it. The companion app will offer a signature calendar, track all of your trips and spotlight trends in your travel itinerary.


There’s a built-in digital scale that will help you know how much your bag weighs at all times. The bag also possesses a built-in battery that can charge your cell or tablet so you never have to fight over the airport terminal outlets again. The bag will also let keep an eye on your distance from it and if someone snags it, you can use the location tracking feature to find it.

Masterminded by entrepreneur Tomi Pierucci, engineer Martin Diz, designer Alejo Verlini and MIT MBA candidate Brian Chen, Bluesmart’s team makes a habit of forward-thinking technology that are applicable today. Diz has a project that just got chosen by NASA and Virgin to fly aboard the Virgin Galactic Space Ship Two. – Curated by Joy DONNELL