Everything seems to be getting smarter these days—you can communicate with your car, surf the web on your TV, and measure just how fit you are with a watch. But what if you could turn any surface into a ‘smart’ surface? What if you could turn on the lights in your house, control on your stereo, or order food all with the push of a button? The creators of Flic want to see this hyper-convenient world become a reality.

Flic buttons can be programmed with your phone to achieve a seemingly endless amount of tasks. Essentially, if your phone is capable of doing something, so can Flic—you just won’t have to fumble through your phone to do it. And the beauty is, these little buttons aren’t a one-trick-horse—they can be programmed to carry out different tasks based on a single click, double click, or holding down the button. Flic can be stuck onto any solid surface, and the sticky back is reusable, so you can change it’s location along with its function.

Flic started an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the project earlier this winter, and as of January the company has raised over $650,000—well beyond their original funding goal. Flic has gone through a number of prototypes—the very first looking like a small smoke detector—but over time settled on a simple, colorful button. But don’t let its simplicity mislead you—Yeah, it’s just a wireless button, reads a banner on the Indiegogo page, but it can change the way you live every day.

Flic Vanichi Magazine

Courtesy Flic