The legendary Vidal Sassoon made headlines with the way he cut hair, literally turning the cut into press events and magazine covers. In 1967, when Sassoon cut Mia Farrow’s hair into the famous pixie cut that she sported for the cult classic Rosemary’s Baby, it was witnessed by a swarm of cameras, journalists and news crews. It was essentially a publicity stunt for the film.

vidal sassoon

Vidal Sassoon with Mia Farrow during her pixie haircut in 1967 and Mia Farrow on the cover of Life Magazine, 1967.

It also sparked a trend in women’s hair styles that has now become a sustained classic chic look on famous ladies like Rihanna and Michelle Williams. The event made Vidal Sassoon even more famous. Plus, Mia Farrow was, at the time, Mrs. Frank Sinatra, so the hair cut ended up on the cover of Life Magazine. All of this combined led to Vidal Sassoon launching products and revolutionizing the way the hair industry monetizes itself forever.

Modern hair gurus, such as Dr. Boogie and Toni & Guy, have taken Sassoon’s example and devised unique cutting techniques. Yet, none with a samurai sword. That is, until now.