Vanichi asks celebrity makeup artist Jacqueline Kalab how to have luxurious cheeks. She shares her fav luxe blushes for the season.

Celebrity makeup artist Jacqueline Kalab has been a go-to professional for international runway shows, including being a senior artist for Rae Morris, working on high-end advertising campaigns and celebrity clients such as Patricia Field, Samantha Wills, Rebel Wilson, Jennifer Beals and Russell Crowe. So of course we asked her to how to have luxurious cheeks. Below, she shares her favorite luxe blushes to create the ultimate luxury cheeks for this season.


Jacqueline Kalab

Samantha Wills, Jennifer Beals, Rebel Wilson

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“I have a few favourite blushes at the moment. These blushes are strong enough in colour to balance and girly up the gorgeous and powerful graphic eyeliner styles of the season. I love to apply strong colours very sparingly, and blend out, to create that perfectly flush, just-been-for-a-run glow. The trick is to gather only a tiny bit on your blush, and blend, blend, blend until it looks natural and like part of you.”


My favourite luxe blushes of this season are:

Armani Fluid Sheer Liquid in Number 6. Divine! I suits every skin colour, dabs and blends straight over liquid or cream foundation and even though it looks scarily bright in the fluid, it makes everyone look stunning with a healthy flush. I often use this under powder blush, too!


Available via Sephora

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Nars Blush “Lustre” looks like nothing in the container but is a beautiful go-to colour on everyone – I mean everyone. “Exhibit A” is scarily bright in the container but applied lightly with a soft brush is amazing on everyone from extremely fair to very dark skin colours. “Taj Mahal” and it’s vivid orangy colour is breathtakingly beautiful on fair to dark and gives a beautiful shine.


Available via Nars

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Becca Cosmetics SHIMMERING SKIN PERFECTOR™. Choose Rose Gold, Topaz or Opal. If you only want mild colour but want the most beautiful healthy sheen on your cheeks, this is the bomb. I use it on every single client – either on it’s own or under other blush.


Available via Becca