Vanichi Beauty Director Barbara Yniguez curates our EVERYONE Beauty Gift Guide for Him, Her and Us!


Every year the search is on for thoughtful gifts for those special people in our lives that make the year beautiful. Why not give a beauty gift? Everyone loves a little special pampering and the end of the year is a great time to indulge. Vanichi Beauty Director Barbara Yniguez curates our EVERYONE Beauty Gift Guide for Him, Her and Us!

Below is our list of our beautiful finds.

spinster sisters vanichi beauty gift guide

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Spinster Sisters Co

Handcrafted Soaps

Made of only the finest essential oils and all natural ingredients, this is no ordinary soap. One bar makes an entire room smell like a luxurious spa in a mountain resort. We indulged in the Lemongrass Sage which left our skin feeling beyond silky smooth. The renewable energy focused company packages each bar in an adorable letter press recycled box.

Price US 9.00 each

essio aromatherapy beauty gift guide vanichi


Personal Aroma Therapy Shower Diffuser

The first of its kind, an aroma therapy treatment that hooks up to your shower head. Instantly immerse in balance and well being. The shower diffuser works by attaching a diffuser and turning on the water. It’s really that easy. Perfect for home or to travel with to unwind after a long flight or drive. We loved all three scents, Breathe, Passion and Unwind.

Price US 45.00 starter kit

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Beautiful Eyebrow Tools

We can’t think of a cuter way to keep brows groomed and looking good! The Chella brow grooming kit includes an adorable 60s style case with tweezers, manicure scissors for trimming and a brow comb, brush, razor combo. There are extra spaces to add your favorite Chella brow products.

Price 45.00

artis brush set vanichi


White Velvet Elite 10 Brush Set

If you are looking for something to really wow the beauty enthusiast in your life, gift them with THE sought after brush set. Artis brushes are both luxurious and irresistible. The baby soft synthetic bristles smooth skincare and cosmetics onto the skin in a way that almost can’t be described. Blending and sculpting become effortless yet flawless. We were wowed by the ergonomic feel of the handles which made our application even more seamless. The quality is top notch. Expect your loved one to have these brushes for many Decembers to come.

Price US 350.00 set

zaya nail oil vanichi beauty gift


Nail Oil

With ingredients like pure organic almond, avocado and olive fruit oils, nails and cuticles will be smooth and strong. The fresh lemon and Ylang Ylang scent create a wonderful sensory experience. This formula promotes growth and strength of nails while keeping hands soft and youthful. We were pretty much in love with not only this great oil but the packaging as well! Each oil comes in a beautiful gift box adorned with a lovely woman.

Price US 39.00

beauty gift guide

6th Sense

FH-1 Styler

The styling wand does it all! With floating tourmaline ceramic plates in a light weight smooth body, you can have curls, beach waves, soft texture, smooth and straight, the list goes on. An adjustable heat setting allows for all hair types and textures. This is an easy to use salon quality styling tool that replaces the rest. We were completely thrilled with how well this tool held up to and surpassed competitors. A definite must for anyone looking to upgrade their hair game.

Price US 114.00

everyone beauty gift guideDisplay box half closed artemes


Beauty Lashes

By far one of the most feminine and luxurious gifts for your best girlfriend, sister, mom or daughter. Artemes hand makes each pair of mink lashes. These are the beauties you see gracing the red carpet. Each pair is guaranteed to be flawless and lasts up to 25 uses with proper care. Just opening the velvet encased leather box each pair comes in is an act of luxury.

There are many styles to choose from so finding the right look for individual eye shape and personal taste is easy and really fun. A holiday gift just in time for New Years Eve glamour.

Prices US 35.00-50.00

beauty gift guide
Clique by Roble

Body Butter and Shower Gelee

Fragrance layering at it’s very finest. This “delectable” “recipe” Oriental Gourmand is completely intoxicating. On a man or woman this amazing treat to the senses will surely ring in the sultry new year. The gelee is light and moisturizing leaving the skin soft and squeaky clean while the body butter rich and decadent. Both are lightly fragranced so layering is subtle but effective.

Prices US 28.00, 35.00