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Beauty salon of Christopher Corum for Vanichi Magazine

Hair expert Christopher Corum inside his West Hollywood salon. Photography by Kristina McManus.

Christopher Corum has a passion for color and hair that befits the individual human. We visited his West Hollywood salon to find out more about his approach to beauty.

VM: What is your core philosophy when it comes to hair care?

     Natural, I believe, is better, whether its how you get it cut or what you put on it.

VM: What are you most known for?

     Dry cuts. By cutting the hair to its natural pattern and texture, it allows the client no surprises, giving the client a good hair day everyday. Also, using homemade ingredients, such as an Avocado and Jojoba oil mix or Tea for a hair bath.

VM: Any tips or tricks you live by and would like to share with our readers?

     Shampoo less frequently, too much shampooing can be very drying to the scalp and hair. Instead, rinse and use a conditioner best suited for your hair. While doing that give yourself a 5-minute head massage. This helps with stimulating the follicle and allowing for healthy hair to grow. Also, yoga helps! “Downward Facing Dog” is a great pose for the blood to flow to the top of the head and it’s great for glowing skin.

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The beauty of hair and color as demonstrated by Christopher Corum.

The beauty of hair and color as demonstrated by Christopher Corum.

VM: How do you feel you’ve changed from the beginning till now?

It is just like anything in life: trial and error. Experimenting on friends and family has given me the opportunity to be able to turn an idea into reality. This includes color, cutting techniques, as well as combining essential oils, teas, herbs, and fruits to create the perfect treatment. When you stay with the natural and organic ingredients, it ensures the healthiest product for everyone.

VM: If you could get your hands on a famous celebrity, who would it be?

     I’d personally choose Jennifer Lawrence. She’s the “IT” girl right now. She rocks a natural but sexy look and has a relatable personality. Plus, she can wear just about any hair color and style.

Christopher Corum Salon | 8000 Sunset Blvd B-200, Studio #59, West Hollywood, CA 90046

Kristina McMANUS