Change seasons beautifully with these

ultimate skin defense products

From wind-chapped lips to sun-sizzled shoulders, weather change and harsh rays leave your skin vulnerable. With summer dwindling away, now is the time to kick up your defenses.  Vanichi has been revving up our research to bring you the ultimate skin defense products to help you end the season on a sunny high note. When making the switch from summer to fall, these are the tested must-haves of our seasonal changeover routine.


ScarAway Repair Gel

So the change in temperature left you with evidence of a seasonal breakout, your skin is nicked from endless shaving, and outdoor activities resulted in summertime scrapes. Don’t fret! There’s a remedy for these mishaps that will lead you back to flawless skin.

Shield your scars with the help of ScarAway Repair Gel. This silicone solution is the perfect addition to your beauty kit. It creates a healing barrier that can be used day and night. Just apply a thin layer and allow it to dry. Follow with your favorite SPF or even makeup, and any unsightly marks will begin to heal while you enjoy the remainder of the sunny season.

$30; drugstores


Obagi System Professional-C Serum 10%

Want to maintain healthy youthful skin? Start packing in the Vitamin C. Over time, your skin begins to lose this powerful antioxidant, especially with prolonged sun exposure. Fortunately, Obagi has made a splash with this rapidly-absorbing, lightweight serum. We loved the way our skin drank it in without leaving us feeling oily. Within a week, we noticed smaller pores and less discoloration.


Credits for Image: Model: Kenneth Hill; Photographer: Mariusz Jeglinski

Credits for Image: Model: Kenneth Hill; Photographer: Mariusz Jeglinski

Skyn Iceland– Icelandic Moisture SPF 30

Say sayonara to fine lines and aloha to ageless skin. Skyn Iceland’s daily moisturizer is specially formulated to protect against environmental pollution. With added defense against harmful UVA and UVB rays, this broad spectrum gives your skin a stress free summer vacation. Even as autumn approaches, organic ingredients like green tea extract and grape seed juice will keep you in a summertime state of mind.



H2O+ Lip Mender

Never has there been a more surprising summertime pair than the ocean and your lips. This marine-friendly brand has combined ingredients like kelp and sea lettuce to moisturize and protect your pout. And invigorating peppermint oil will give your pucker an extra cool burst. One thing is for sure, this lip mender gives a whole new meaning to sun-kissed, even after the summer heat fades.

$10; h2oplus

Boscia Black Charcoal Blotting Linens

Beating excess summer sheen is easy with Boscia Black Charcoal Blotting Linens. These sheets use Activated Black Charcoal to keep your skin breakout free when temperatures rise. To use, simply press the sheet against those troublesome, shiny areas. That’s all there is to it! As for you ladies, the ultraportable linens can be used directly over makeup. So the leaves may change their color, but you won’t have to.

$10; Sephora

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