Hosting one of the largest populations on the planet, India has had its beauty standards over the past 100 years compressed into a short video from Youtube channel Cut Videos in their ‘100 Years of Beauty‘ series. The series has previously featured a side by side comparison of beauty standards between Caucasian and African Americans, the evolution of standards in Iran, Korea, Mexico and the Philippines. The creative team has gathered over 429,000 subscribers on Youtube and their videos collectively boast over 116 million views.

In this video installment above, model and dancer Trisha Miglani celebrates the fashionable looks of the women in her country and how they have altered over the past 100 years.

You can view behind-the-scenes images on Cut Video’s Pinterest pinboard here to see how they researched the looks.

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Produced, Directed, and Edited by

Trisha Miglani

Sungeeta Jain – Producer
Juel Bergholm – Hair
Arianna Scott – Makeup & Accessories
Rhoya Selden – Research
Antoinette Hippe – Henna Artist
Anne Mason – Assistant Hair Stylist