Vanichi Beauty Director Barbara Yniguez profiles WINXED Beverly Hills Luxury Eyelash Extensions.

There is something so feminine about long fluttering lashes. Not only do long lashes enlarge the eyes, they are also a sign of youth and beauty. Lashes thin and shorten as we age. Or, some of us just never had much of them to begin with.  Both men and women indulge in lash lengthening.  With many options on the market promising results, I decided to finally try lash extensions. I was immediately referred to lash guru Taynay, owner of Winxed. Touted as the best, why would I go anywhere else?


I have had reservations about lash extensions.  After all, this ubiquitous service has had mixed results depending on who you talk to. I was reassured by Taynay’s impeccable reputation and her clients fierce loyalty.


Winxed is located on a quiet block on S. Robertson Blvd in Beverly Hills. Tucked away off the street with no signage, it is a quiet retreat. Inside I was greeted with water and a seat in an old Hollywood style beauty studio. Winxed offers several beauty treatments including brow shaping along with extensions.

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Once in Taynay’s private room, I was instantly relaxed. Taynay works fast and without hesitation. This is expected when you realize she has been doing lash extensions for almost a decade. Her skilled hands are almost unnoticeable while she seamlessly enhances each lashes length.

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Once complete I was in awe of Taynay’s beautiful work. Tay (as she is commonly known) follows each individual clients natural lash growth. She matches lash per lash. This resulted in my lashes looking like they did in my teens. The effect is noticeable but also completely natural. When closely examined, I could not find a trace of where the lashes were attached. As a makeup artist who has closely  seen lash extensions done all over the country on other people, Taynay’s application more than met my expectations.


Taynay has shared her technique with her team. Every lash technician at Winxed has been trained to do impeccable lash extensions just as Taynay does. Which is is good for team  Vanichi, who will be lining up.

[divider]LOCATION + PRICING[/divider]


463 S. Robertson Blvd #3

Beverly Hills, California

PHONE | 310.869.0775

IG | @winxed


Pricing Varies Starting at US $125