10 Fashion Designers share songs that inspire them. From rock to indie to world and pop. Designers around the world weigh in.

It’s difficult to imagine the world without music. For most people, every day at some point involves a song. For the creative mind, a song can be even more than just a song. It can be a spark plug for an idea, a beacon of hope during despair or a reinforcement of determination. We asked designers around the globe to talk about music from all genres. Scroll below as 10 Fashion Designers share songs that inspire them.

fashion designers share songs that inspire

Designer Shawn Monique with model Tanis Beatty during a fitting. Image credit: Tim Ford.


Recently, I have found that Rise Up by Andra Day has been a big inspiration to my creative visions. I agree with and can relate to a lot of what Andra says in her lyrics. As she bellows the words “rise high like the waves,” I feel as if she is singing about me. When I am designing, I transcend to a higher level emotionally, mentally, and creatively. It is at that time that I feel most like I am rising above the stressors that come with each day. I rise above it all and feel like I can conquer anything. This feeling frees my mind and I am able to let the beauty that I see in the the things around me as well as things imagined take shape in my fashion designs.

SHAWN MONIQUE of Shawn Monique Designs

Instagram: @shawn_monique_designs

Facebook: shawnmonique.designs


Express Yourself by Madonna is all about female empowerment, inspiring women to go for exactly what they want, and to say exactly how they feel.

RENEE KOUNIS, Designer/director for Neyku & Unapologetic

Instagram: @neyku

Instagram: @unapologeticthelabel

Twitter: @kounisRenee


Feeling Good by Nina Simone. I used to listen to this when I was living in the South of France as a young woman in my early 20’s – it is such a powerful song for me, and stirs up not only images of the Mediterranean Beaches and relaxing with a Rose in provincial France, but also powerful, strong women with her big bold voice. It is a reminder that every day is a new day – and I am feeling good!

CARLY VIDAL-WALLACE, Fashion Designer at Urban Prima

Instagram: @urbanprima

Twitter: @urbanprima


Working in an increasingly changing and competitive industry such as fashion the one song that constantly inspires me is Titanium by David Guetta featuring Sia. No matter what is happening this song helps me stay focused on where I want to take my label, business and will have me dancing in the office! Not only is the tune catchy I love the words and always feel bullet proof after listening to this song.

KATIE PERRY, Fashion Designer/Celebrity Stylist

Instagram: @katieperrystyle

Twitter: @shopkatieperry


Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush has always inspired me as a designer. The story about Cathy and Heathcliff inspire contrasting textures, I imagine soft floaty chiffons sitting back with leather and heavy canvas weaves. The song itself with it’s quite erratic melody and Bush’s unique voice inspires undulating lines and movement. The lyrics talk about it being dark and cold yet I still see Cathy in a while silk chiffon dress. All of this comes together in the video clip; Bush is dancing in a cold and damp landscape wearing a floaty red dress with flowers in her hair. It seems Cathy and Heathcliff aren’t very far away. The colour palette in the clip and Bush’s fluid dance moves inspire prints with pops of colour on neutral ground.

A love/hate story with contrasting themes, a vocally challenging melody executed in true Kate Bush style, plenty of inspiration to draw from in a 4 minute song. #getcreative

LAURA LANA, Director of Laura Lana Creative

Instagram: @lauralanacreative

Twitter: @llanacreative


Magic by Coldplay inspires me!

I have it on my website for customers to listen to as it fits the vibe of our brand perfectly – creating a little magic in your everyday life. I listen to it to stay on track with my concept!

CATHERINE MACK, Dear Lover Studio

Instagram: @dearloverstudio

Twitter: @misscjmack


I am currently inspired by the song ‘Black Market Baby‘ by Tom Waits. I love the roughness of the song and I always get caught on the lines ‘She’s whiskey in a tea cup’ and ‘She’s a diamond, that wants to stay coal’.

I have found it inspiring in an age of motivational sayings and daily affirmations that someone is rough and ready and happy to be that way. I work these themes into my designs, creating strong pieces that don’t apologise for anything.

TASHA MILLER, Artist & Designer for Jubly-Umph Originals

Instagram: @jublyumph

Twitter: @jublyumph


I always Survival Expert by Something for Kate this motivating as it reminds of when I was starting HB and this would come on the radio in the studio. To me, it reminds me to be intrinsically motivated. If you are only motivated by what others think of what you’re doing then you will lose faith in what you’re doing pretty quickly. It helps me to keep chipping away even when I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere.

KELLIE SANDS, Harlequin Belle Designer

Instagram: @harlequin_belle

Twitter: @HarlequinBelle


The song that inspires me is “Hard Way Home” by Brandi Carlile. It’s a song about struggle and ultimately success. The road of entrepreneurship, especially in fashion can be full of ups and downs, but the song makes me feel like I’m never alone in that journey.

KRISTI SOOMER, Founder + CEO of Encircled

Instagram: @Encircled_

Twitter: @Encircled_

AWOLNATION is an American electronic rock band, formed and fronted by Aaron Bruno. Their music inspires fashion designer Ese Azenabor.

AWOLNATION is an American electronic rock band, formed and fronted by Aaron Bruno. Their music inspires fashion designer Ese Azenabor.


Holy Roller by Awolnation always gets my creative juices flowing!

ESE AZENABOR, Fashion Designer

Instagram: @eseazenabor

Twitter: @eseazenabor

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Embellished Marigold Chiffon Maxi dress the SS16 collection of Ese Azenabor.