April showers inspire our editors to curate 6 Lust Worthy Statement Umbrellas that make the rain and the streets take notice.

Whether you’re walking the streets of Manhattan, Melbourne or Milan on a grey rainy day, you might feel the need to standout in a sea of parasols. We’ve curated 6 lust worthy statement umbrellas that make the streets take notice no matter where you are.

black rosin skull umbrella mcqueen



Alexander McQueen

We never tire of the signature skull of Alexander McQueen. On the label’s umbrellas, it creates a distinct detail as well as superb grip. You can’t really go wrong as you pick your poison but, we gravitated toward the Black and Rosin Skull Umbrella (US $745) for it’s embellishments, the Wooden Skull (US $595) and the compact Skull Umbrella (US $660) in golden hues and a perfect travel size.

mcqueen lust worthy statement umbrellas mcqueen lust worthy statement umbrellas vanichi


The clean line, ultra-fashionable storm umbrellas by senz° will keep you protected from the elements in true style. The aerodynamic details of the senz° smart (€ 34,95) help it float on the wind rather than fight against it. It also features a shorter front so that you can maintain your visual lines. The lightweight but sturdy design is easy to carry with one hand.



Hiroki Nakamura’s Visvim has gathered a loyal following of tastemakers who value artisan craftsmanship with carefully sourced materials. The brand’s Atelier Umbrella (US $8,000) has a price tag that can knock you over faster than a Chicago wind. Yet, when you dissect the details of fish oil tanned goat’s leather, brass-tipped rattan cane ribs and the fact that the woven cotton was skein dyed, an ancient technique that was used in Pompeii and by the Incas, you start to understand the costs. This labor intense piece takes a whopping 6 months to complete in Paris.



visvim lust worthy statement umbrellas

This $8,000 Atelier Umbrella by Visvim takes 6 months to craft.



While compiling this piece, our editors stumbled upon this lovely Pucci umbrella (US $125) currently available on TheRealReal. If you like it, we suggest you get it while you can.


statement umbrellas pucci therealreal




pucci umbrella therealreal