Case Study | SVNTY Handcrafted Mobile Cases

SVNTY Handcrafted Mobile Cases

SVNTY handcarved iPhone and Samsung case designs pictured above in cherry, maple, rosewood and walnut. PHOTOS from SVNTY.

From the masterful mind of artist/photographer Marcus Lim, SVNTY morphs Lim’s ink illustrations into handcrafted wood phone cases. The Singapore-based visual communicator uses maple, cherry, black walnut and rosewood grains to display each intricate design.

Lim’s creativity stretches from nature symbolism, ancient imagery, Greek mythology and pop culture icons (mainly Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe and Pink Floyd). As the line continues to expand, it will be interesting to see if SVNTY produces larger cases for tablets or perhaps even a laptop or two. Lim is also personally available for commissioned work and projects.

VANICHI PICKS: Artisanal Deer Carving in Cherry or Black Walnut, Medusa in Maple and an Aztec Artisanal Carving in Rosewood.