Vanichi Editors latest pick is the Huawei Watch high end wearable tech design.

Not all wearables are created equal. Enter the Huawei Watch high end wearable design. Its part of the new generation of Android Wear smartwatches that can benefit from the buzz generated by the Apple Watch. Unlike Apple’s square flat design the Huawei wearable offers a round, sartorially sleek face that can accentuate a well-suited look. It’s can hold its ground to some dust and water with its IP67 dust and water resistance rating and it runs on the Android Wear operating system. So, that means it can keep you connected while on the go, tapping into your favorite apps, music, and using motion sensors to keep updated on your fitness routine.

huawei wearable vanichi editors pick

Again, where Huawei stands apart is the design and choice of materials. The brand has created a wearable watch that retains its aesthetics even if/when the tech becomes outdated. Perhaps that’s why Huawei went the extra mile to utilize sapphire crystal and encase the design in stainless steel.  On top of that, they took one watch and enabled multiple design options, from leather bands priced at US $540 to steel bracelets priced over US $700.

We’re partial to the steel links which evokes classic Swiss design for $399.99.

huawei watch wearable vanichi editors pick2 huawei watch wearable vanichi editors pick