4 Stylish Inspirational Men

Vanichi shines the spotlight on  Stylish Inspirational Men that you can follow on social media. They set their own pace, craft their own style and distinguish their voices through consistency. These men realize that style isn’t about having the latest, priciest newest thing to hit the market. Style is about expressing your individuality. Each of our inspirations rock distinction through fabrics, colors, bespoke pieces and custom tailoring.

Yet, what we love most is how comfortable they always are in their own skin, as well as their clothes. Each projects a polished ease that translates to any environment and any room. Take a look at some of our favorite men who making their marks with style and substance.

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Left to Right: Steven Onoja, Shuhei Nishiguchi, Henri of The Stylish Dutch and David Manly. INSTAGRAM


Creative Consultant/Director/Photographer

@stevenonoja isn’t afraid to create his own style and stand apart from the pack. He always has secret weapon: a mother who can make suits. He had already gotten our attention with his flawless hat game, but one of his posts about crafting his own pieces made us stand up and cheer:

“If you can’t see the vision, you’re out of focus. As an artist it’s important to remember what the subject is. What are you trying to capture. You may have to adjust your aim,” Steven shares. He divulges that he asked his mom to make a few suits for him from fabrics and materials that she suggested based on his vision. The result was a mix of pattern and fabric that is beyond trend.

“Clothes is all about enjoyment. Don’t be afraid to try new pattern and fabrics. If you want something that you don’t see in the shops, play around and make your own attire.”


Fashion Director, BEAMS

@shuhei_nishiguchi is the Fashion Director of Japanese brand Beams. One glance at his Instagram page quickly displays how akin his aesthetic is with the effortlessly refined brand for which he works. Shuhei does things with denim, layering, vintage and bespoke pieces and denim that are carefree and purposeful at the same time. He has a way of always looking at ease with his metropolitan style.


Blogger, Traveler

@thestylishdutch, also known as Henri, started his blog in 2015 to showcase how he blends his Dutch style with global fashion brands to create his signature looks. He mixes casual pieces with sartorial elements, isn’t afraid to play with color, and will throw in a printed pant or Gucci loafer just to keep things interesting.



@manlydavid85 is also the founder of Manly Collections, a US-based menswear brand that operates between Chicago, Charlotte, Dallas and Minneapolis. When he’s not importing Italian fabric, David can be spotted rocking his own suits in vibrant colors or rich neutral tones, sporting a lace-up or crisp white sneakers and pairing the entire look with killer shades.



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