Now Curating Han Kjøbenhavn retro tinted sunglasses for Spring Summer 2017.

For Spring Summer 2017, we’re curating some of our favorite eyewear designs. First up are Copenhagen brand Han Kjøbenhavn. This Han Kjøbenhavn retro tinted sunglasses collection, that even lists a clip-on inspired style, is cool, clean and lightweight.

Han Kjøbenhavn started with eyewear when Tim Hancock and Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen founded the brand in 2008. Inspired by the streets of Copenhagen and the pinnacles of Danish design, the line keeps it simple with subtle details that pack big impact. 

It has expanded into Men’s denim, apparel, footwear and accessories that often combines Danish culture, military garments, and vintage utility pieces with clean Scandinavian style.

Get a glimpse below of the Ace (190 US), Doc (185 US) and Cubicle (190 US) styles from the Han Kjøbenhavn.

Han Kjøbenhavn ace sunglasses ss17

Ace $190 US

Han Kjøbenhavn doc sunglasses ss17

Doc $185 US

Han Kjøbenhavn cubicle sunglasses ss17

Cubicle $190 US



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