With celeb support from Gina Rodriguez and Richard Branson, Nude For All lingerie collection by Naja is making the color nude a reality for all women of all races and ethnicities.

Nude For All lingerie collection by Naja is a lingerie line of seven shades of nude for every skin tone. Naja.co is making the color nude a reality for all women, and inclusive for all races and ethnicities. The campaign caught fire and even got Richard Branson himself blogging and tweeting about the brand.

 nudeforall find your nude lingerie campaign

The #NudeForAll campaign launched in New York on May 23, 2016 at the Bedford L Stop, Williamsburg N.Y. and was directed by Madonna Badger of New York agency, Badger & Winters. Earlier this year Badger & Winters launched #WomenNotObjects and made a commitment to stop objectification of women in advertisement.

CEO and Founder, Catalina Girald, was first inspired to create this ethically manufactured and racially inclusive range of lingerie basics when watching Gabby Douglas compete in the 2012 Summer Olympics. The African-American gymnast was wearing a “nude” ankle wrap that didn’t match her skin-tone, giving Girald the idea for a different concept of nude.

 nude for all lingerie campaign

Nude For All isn’t just a socially correct and ethically made lingerie line, it’s a testament to Girald’s innovative supply chain which she developed while at Stanford University. The reason every brand doesn’t carry lingerie in seven shades of nude is simple: because the minimum order quantities for lingerie are 10,000 units at most factories and the lead times can be up to 12 months.  To produce 70,000 units of product in one style is too much for most lingerie companies. But, Naja’s super-fast supply chain can produce in one month instead of 12 months, with minimum order quantities at 200 units per style instead of 10,000. “That is exponentially faster and more efficient than any other lingerie company,” says Girald “it’s the first time that the industry can produce this many shades in one style of product cost-effectively and efficiently.”

gina rodriguez nude for all lingerie

The campaign features real women instead of professional models. Girald and Rodriguez felt strongly about using women of varied shapes and sizes and making a statement that women can be anything. The campaign features a software engineer from one of Silicon Valley’s “unicorn” companies, a ballerina from one of the country’s top three ballet companies, a Harvard business school student, and of course, Gina Rodriguez.  Each of the ten models’ success stories represents the brand and its community of smart, courageous, and sexy women.

Naja’s commitment to empower women extends to its factory workers through above-market wages, flexible working conditions and funding their children’s education. Each bra comes with a lingerie wash-bag made by women in the slums of Colombia through the Underwear For Hope Program. Nude For All will be available for purchase on Naja.co starting Monday, May 23rd, 2016. The collection includes three styles of seamless underwear with a matching bra. Underwear sizing from XS-XXL and bra sizing in 32-40 with cups A-DDD. All in seven shades of nude.